Considering installing a new roof Auckland-wide? The first step is to choose the right roofing material. Over our years of installing new roofs for Auckland homes, we’ve discovered that this can feel tricky for some homeowners.

There are a few things to consider, from your home’s unique needs to the available material options; it can be a little daunting to navigate this part of the process. At Aspect Roofing, we are here to help.

Read on as we explain the simple three-step process for choosing the right new roofing material for your home.

Step One: Assess Your Needs

First, you need to assess your needs. Every home is unique, and every homeowner needs something different. That’s why it’s important to take a moment at the beginning of the new roof installation process and look carefully at your property.

When walking through a new roof installation with our clients, we generally ask them to focus on three things:

Climate Considerations for a New Roof Auckland-Wide

Every new roof Auckland-wide shares a similar climate, but your unique location and the surrounding land can affect the best roofing material choice. While frosts are rare, Auckland’s summers carry plenty of heat and humidity your home’s roof must contend with. On top of that, there are other niche climate considerations for homes in this area.

For example, if your home is near one of Auckland’s many beaches, your roof must be resistant to salt water and harsh UV rays. On the other hand, if your home is shaded in by trees, you’ll need to choose materials that are highly water-resistant and not likely to mould easily (or let pests in).

Their Unique Style

Matching your chosen roofing material with your home’s existing architectural style is important as this increases your property’s curb appeal should you choose to sell your home down the line. 

Many roofing materials are versatile enough to suit a variety of architectural styles and long-run roofing is particularly versatile. Remember that certain materials only suit roof styles with a small enough slope. We recommend you consult with your local roofing company and ask about the various long run roofing profiles that might be an option for you.

Budget Parameters

One of the most important things to consider before jumping into a new roof Auckland installation is the budget you have to work with. It’s important to balance quality and affordability. When clients work with us, we offer competitive pricing with profiles that will hit the mark for durability and style.

Step Two: Choose the Material

Next, it’s vital to investigate which roofing options are most available to you. If you’re getting a new roof Auckland-wide, you can’t go past long run metal. We use a range of locally manufactured runs and we offer three different profiles depending on your preference and theytype of roof you are working with.

Long Run Roofing

At Aspect Roofing, this is our specialty. Long-run roofing is an excellent all-rounder, offering a high-quality finish at an affordable price. Each panel has a ‘profile’, which is the shape of the corrugation in the metal. Depending on the profile you choose, you can change the design of your roof and the benefits of a particular roofing type.

For example, trough profiles are designed for high-rainfall environments. They’re excellent at encouraging water to slide off into the gutter, and are rarely clogged with leaves or other debris as a result of the widespread ridges.

The long-run roofing we use is also made from high-quality coated metal, meaning it will last you for decades to come.

Step Three: Talk to the Professionals

The final step in selecting the perfect new roof in Auckland is to talk to a professional! We have spent years honing our craft, so we can offer a quick and simple consultation that lets you explore your options with ease.

Aspect Roofing team offers a comprehensive free quotation process. One of our quantity surveyors will assess your existing roof, flashings, accessories, and safety requirements for free. They’ll also discuss your unique needs and budget with you. From there, we’ll pass on a quote that won’t change unless major alterations are requested.

This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the final invoice, know which roofing material to use, and be sure that all work is being conducted safely.

Get your free quote with no hidden costs today.

Are you considering re-roofing your existing property or needing a new roof installed on a building in progress? The Aspect Roofing team is here to help!

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