When it comes to getting a new roof Auckland-wide, perhaps nothing is more important than choosing a reliable roofing contractor. The right contractor can make or break your project, offering essential guidance along the way that ensures a great result and prevents costly disasters.

But how are you, a homeowner, supposed to pick out the great contractors from the bad eggs? After decades in the industry, we have a few essential hallmarks to look out for when choosing who to trust.

Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the five must-have qualities of a reliable roofing contractor.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Installing a new roof or repairing an old one is a specialised process, so you need a team with years of training and experience. To make sure you’re partnering with a contractor who has the chops to execute your new build seamlessly, look for a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).

In New Zealand, an LBP is someone qualified to complete or supervise restricted building work – including roofing. Finding a company with the appropriate licenses is vital for two reasons:

If you’re curious about how to tell if someone is licensed, check out our ‘About’ page. There, we’ve listed all our association memberships and licensed qualifications. If a roofer’s website is missing this information, they are unlikely to be licensed.

A Solid Reputation

Next up, nothing proves a roofer knows what they’re doing quite like social proof! Make sure any roofer you speak with has a solid reputation with their clients and customers. Positive relationships with past customers can tell you a lot of things about your roofing company, including:

The best place to look for the roofing company’s reputation is to head to their testimonial page or – if they don’t have one – browse through their Google reviews. This is also an excellent place to check if you have a specialty roofing style in mind, such as long run roofing.

Extensive Experience & Expertise

Roofing is a complex practice. It takes years for a roofer to build up their expertise, and while apprentice roofers are common on teams, they should always be accompanied by experienced supervisors. Not only does this ensure your safety, but this also signals that the new roofing process will be stress-free for you as a property owner.

When searching for your contractor, make sure to find out how long they’ve been in business. Their reviews will tell you how well they do their work, but check out their on-site information to verify how experienced their team is.

For example, Aspect Roofing has been in business for 17 years. This means we have extensive partnerships with material and safety equipment suppliers, ensuring we can give our clients the most seamless roofing experience possible.

Clear Communication and Transparency

Since re-roofing or starting on a new build has a lot of moving parts, it’s important to feel like you can rely on your chosen roofer for clear communication and transparency. Project changes, shifting deadlines, and product availability are just some of the things you’ll need to be sure your roofer can handle.

f you’re erecting a new build or having wider construction work done, you need to be sure that your chosen contractor can liaise with other teams on-site to work safely and efficiently. If they can’t do this, that could spell trouble for your project.

So, how can you tell if a roofing company prioritises clear communication and transparency? For our money, the best way to tell is to go through the quotation process with them. A company’s conduct during the consultation and quotation stage tells you a lot about how they’ll continue to work with you.

Look for prompt communication, clear lines of discussion, and a willingness to explain deeper concepts when needed. These are all signs that a roofing contractor is right for you.

Quality Workmanship

Last, but certainly not least, comes quality. Depending on the roofing material you’ve chosen, you should expect your roof to last anywhere up to half a century with a high-quality installation.

Choosing a contractor with a history of quality workmanship is key to getting the most out of your new installation. On top of being licensed and bringing years of experience to the project, look for any past projects a roofer has completed to get an idea of their work standard.

For example, Aspect Roofing details our past new roof Auckland work here to let our clients know we hold ourselves to a high standard. This is reassuring for them, especially considering that contracting a new roof Auckland-wide is a sizeable investment that should be treated with respect.

Overall, it’s important to carefully investigate any roofing contractor you’re considering before embarking on your project. Check out their past references, always make sure you’re working with a licensed practitioner, and keep a close eye on their communication during the quotation process. With these tips on your side, you’ll find the perfect contractor for you.

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