At Aspect Roofing, we are very picky about the products we sell, and that’s why we’re certified suppliers and installers of Metrotile tiles. Investing in a new roof or choosing the materials for a new build is a serious decision. Metrotile can provide both the style points and peace of mind that you’re looking for. Here are 8 reasons you should pick Metrotile for your new roof:

Large Range of Colours and Finishes
Most varieties of Metrotile come in either a textured or satin finish as well as a wide range of nature-inspired colours, providing plenty of combinations for your roof. Choose a textured stone style for extra weather protection and a softer look or a satin finish to create a smooth and crisp appearance at a lower price.

Guaranteed to Last
The team at Metrotile is so confident in the durability of their tiles that they are sold with a 50-year warranty, giving you decades of guaranteed protection for your home.

Support Kiwi Business
The company is a true New Zealand success story, having started up more than 50 years ago and now operating across 4 continents. They have led the way in roofing through constant innovation and providing an excellent standard of products and services.

Environmentally Friendly
Metal tiles are the green choice for your roofing project. Their lightweight design means less energy is needed to transport them and fewer resources are used in building support frames. Steel can also be recycled many, many times without any impact on its usability, making it the most sustainable choice for your roof.

Metrotile metal roof tiles protect homes in 120 countries across the world, thriving in extreme climates from burning sun to heavy snow. You can be safe in the knowledge that they’ll stay intact and in great condition for a long time here in Auckland. Metal roof tiles won’t crack or erode; they’re resistant to rot or mildew and on top of all of that, they are the most rain-resistant material you could choose.

Very Low Maintenance
Because of the high resilience of metal roof tiles, they require very little upkeep and are unlikely to require repairs. The only servicing your roof needs is to be cleaned every 3-5 years to remove any build-up of algae or moss on the surface.

Quick Installation
Metrotile tiles can be cut and bent to shape on site. Due to their lack of weight, they don’t require as much frame support as other roofing materials, saving you further time on construction.

Match Your Style
In addition to the countless colour and finish combinations mentioned above, Metrotile metal tiles come in 7 shapes to fit your architectural design. They can imitate wood, slate or terracotta and conform to any look from Roman to Modern.

If you’d like any more information about metal roofing supplies or installation from Auckland’s roofing industry experts, then contact Aspect Roofing online now or call us on our freephone number, 0800 ROOFTOP.

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