A roof check-up is a great way to save yourself a lot of money; particularly if you’ve just bought a new home or building. The risk for owners is that minor roofing problems can become expensive if they are not addressed. Ensuring your roof is always up to scratch can also help prevent even larger, more serious problems that can affect your property.

Roof Check Basics

Here’s a checklist of important things to examine on your roof and some of the reasons for checking them:

Roof leaks: A little leak can do unbelievable amounts of damage to a building. Leaks can rot timber, short out electrical wiring, and do progressive damage over time

Lifting sheets: Sheeting that lifts off your roof can compromise it very quickly. It allows water into the roof, which may require extensive repairs, replacement of insulation and other maintenance, potentially costing thousands of dollars.

Tile movement: Tile movement is about more than the tiles themselves. If roof tiles move, supports may be in trouble. This could require some work, but if not fixed, can be another expensive problem.

Supports: Supports are crucial to the roofing structure. All professional roofers will look for any kind of support issues. One reason is because the supports define the state of the roof. The other is that they have to work on the roof and be sure that it’s safe. Support failure could mean major repairs or even the need for a new roof in serious cases.

Corrosion: Corrosion is a major cause of leaks and a cause of damage to roofing materials. As roofing sheets corrode, they become less efficient and may affect other sheets around them. This means more costs for owners.

Screws Heads falling off: Roofing screws are the literal nuts and bolts of your roof. Screws are used in all types of metal roofing and they’re critical to its integrity, particularly in large areas of long run roofing. A thorough check prevents these problems from occurring.

Perforation: Roof perforation may be a hole in a roofing sheet or a gap in tiles. The result is the same; each perforation is a risk. Perforations naturally cause leaks. They can also let animals and birds into the roof space, which can cause issues if the roofing space contains electrical wiring. Animals can also cause potentially serious hygiene problems.

Guttering: This is an essential roofing check under any condition due to possible leaks. Always check guttering for debris, blockages and defective or worn-out components.

Solutions for Roofing Problems

The first step to solving any roofing problem is to speak with an expert roofing professional. They’ll give you practical advice about any problems along with providing solutions. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get no-nonsense answers, along with proper explanations of situations.

The next step is to source any roofing materials you may need from a local supplier. You can replace conventional tiles with metal roofing tiles, which are relatively cheap and very durable; while being able to source basics like metal roofing sheets too.

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