Thinking about renovating your home? You’re not alone – home improvement is one of the most popular pastimes in New Zealand and the industry just keeps growing. Renovation is a great alternative to moving house – saving huge amounts of money, stress and time spent on the exhausting process of relocating.

Perhaps you’re renovating to add value, to increase floor space or simply to restore your home to its former glory – whatever your motivation, it’s a project that requires proper planning and hard work but will result in a property you can be proud of.

Why Re-Roof?

When renovating, it’s just as important to consider the external components of your property as the interior. Your roof is a major feature of your house from the outside and a key player in its structural integrity. The motivation for roof renovation is usually either cosmetic or practical, but by carrying it out you can improve your home in both of these areas as well as adding value!

Cosmetic Improvement

New metal roofing can completely change the facade of your home and help you to achieve the look you want, whether it’s traditional or modern; urban or rural. Metal roof tiles come in a huge variety of patterns and colours, too. You can get creative and let the roof set the style for your home as a whole, or choose a finish which perfectly complements the existing elements of your property. An old damaged roof will inevitably give a negative first impression of your home, so give it a new lease of life with metal roof tiles.

Functional Improvement

The roof of your home is its first line of defence against the weather but in Auckland, the elements will take their toll over time. You may start to see curling shingles, cracked tiles or gaps in coverage. You may even notice leaks or sagging, which indicate larger problems.

These are all signs that your roof needs serious attention and ignoring them is not worth the risk of significant damage to your home or the cost of emergency maintenance. When construction is already happening on your home during a renovation, you have the perfect opportunity to update a worn-out roof.

Why Choose Metal?

No other roofing material can compete with metal in terms of durability and longevity. Metal tiles are highly resistant to the elements, it will not rot, crack, shrink or erode for a long time. Ontop of this, metal roof tiles are incredibly lightweight in comparison to asphalt, concrete, clay or wood; putting less pressure on supporting structures and making them much quicker to install.

If you’d like any more information about metal roofing supplies or installation from Auckland’s roofing industry experts then contact Aspect Roofing online now or call us on our freephone number, 0800 ROOFTOP.

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