When it comes to metal roofing in New Zealand, Colorsteel is the material of choice for a good reason. Colorsteel is designed and made in NZ and it is perfectly suited to the country’s unique range of conditions, from harsh UV rays to intense rainy seasons and high winds. Add to this an amazing array of colours, and Colorsteel has something for every Auckland roof.

Read on to learn more about how Colorsteel works.

Metal Roofing Inspired by NZ

Colorsteel doesn’t just pick random primary colours when choosing a palette for their metal roofs. Instead, each colour is inspired by the natural beauty of NZ and designed to create roofs that beautifully complement their surroundings.

Just look at the names of Colorsteel’s iconic colours: Karaka, Lichen, Sandstone Grey, Scoria, Ironsand and Lignite each speak to the unique beauty of New Zealand.

Colorsteel Composition

Beyond their amazing colours, what really makes Colorsteel metal roofing special is its unique composition. Each of the elements in a Colorsteel roof combines to make it incredibly durable.

A Colorsteel roof starts with a steel strip substrate that is coated with a zinc and aluminium alloy. Next, colour is applied, with a corrosion inhibiting primer on both sides, a top coat for the outer surface, and a backer for the reverse side. These coatings are oven-cured to maximise corrosion resistance and colour fastness.

All Colorsteel roofs are manufactured in strict accordance with AS1397:2011. When roll-formed, installed and maintained properly, a Colorsteel roof will also meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (B2) for 15-year durability.

Fire Tested for Safety

Your home’s roof is very important in the event of a fire. One of the most common ways for a house to catch fire from outside is via the roof, where burning materials can land and start a blaze. Colorsteel roofs are extensively tested for fire resistance by the CSIRO and have been found to perform very well, with Colorsteel Endura offering the greatest fire protection.

Colorsteel Offers Comprehensive Warranties

Another great reason to choose Colorsteel is the extensive warranties they offer on their metal roofing products. These differ somewhat depending on your area, as different environmental and climatic conditions affect the longevity of Colorsteel products.

Warranties in Moderate Climates

The first warranty type is for installation in moderate inland and moderate coastal areas. Moderate inland areas are characterised as:

Having no obvious marine or industrial influences

Usually being more than 1000 meters from exposed coasts or more than 500 meters from industrial emissions

Moderate coastal areas are:

  • Areas with little to no salt deposits
  • Where there is only the occasional smell of salt spray in the air
  • Typically 500-1000 meters from breaking surf or closer to calm salt water bodies like estuaries

For these areas, Colorsteel offers an 18-year warranty against peeling, flaking, and excessive paint fading, as well as a 30-year warranty against perforation due to corrosion.

Warranties in Severe Climates

Severe climates are usually closer to the coast, but they can be further inland depending on wind and weather conditions. Severe climate features include:

  • Light salt deposits
  • A frequent smell of salt spray in the air
  • A location usually 100-500 meters from breaking surf and exposed coasts
  • A location in the immediate vicinity of large expanses of calm salt water such as harbour foreshores.

Even in such severe conditions, Colorsteel still offers 15-year warranties for peeling, flaking, excessive fading, and punctures caused by corrosion.

Aspect Roofing only uses products that offer excellent protection, durability, functionality and style. For metal roofing supplies or installations in the Auckland area, talk to our team today.

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