Roof insulation is a physical barrier that reduces heat lost or gained through your roofing material. In the summer months, the heat of the sun warms your roof throughout the day, pushing up the internal temperature of your home and increasing the need to use air conditioning to feel comfortable. Then, when winter comes, much of the warm air you produce at home rises up through the ceiling and escapes through the roof, leaving you cold and needing additional heating.

Insulation is a true year-round necessity in New Zealand, keeping you comfortable no matter the season. Read on to learn some of the key benefits of roof insulation.

Save Money on Heating

It is estimated that up to 40% of heating costs could be saved with proper insulation, and your roof is one of the key areas where warm air can escape. The upfront cost of insulation will be covered by the savings on your heating bill, leaving you both warmer and better off! Think of insulation as a blanket that wraps up your home in the winter, providing that extra level of protection you need from the elements.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency is a big concern in the modern home, and insulation is a crucial factor in minimising your property’s carbon footprint. With warm air escaping in winter and cool air seeping out in the summer, energy is being wasted without you even realising. By installing roof insulation, you’re making it easier for the temperature of your home to be naturally regulated, rather than having to resort to unnecessary artificial heating and cooling.

Avoid Damp and Mould

Modern insulation can reduce condensation in the home through the efficient passive regulation of internal temperature. This reduces the potential for damp and moulds to develop. When condensation builds on windows and walls, this facilitates the growth of mould spores, which can be harmful to your health, increasing the risk of respiratory infections and triggering allergies and asthma.

Reduce Noise

Roof insulation can significantly reduce noise pollution in your home by providing an extra physical buffer against irritating external sounds. If you’re sick of being kept awake at night with heavy rains on your roof, then installing insulation overhead could help you to sleep easy.

The best time to install roof insulation is during building or renovations, so be sure to make it an integral part of your construction plans.

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